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Certified Information Systems Security Officer

Level 200 specialist
Annual Salary Potential: C$128,775

If you are looking for the “gotta have it” cybersecurity course, then the Certified Information Systems Security Officer is for you. The C)ISSO will prepare you with a broad range of knowledge and skills required of a security officer. However, these skills can be applied across a broad range of role-based careers. You will learn theories in security concepts, practices, monitoring, and compliance in IS management.

A C)ISSO is able to implement and maintain cost-effective security controls that are closely aligned with business and industry standards. The C)ISSO certification course is an ideal way to increase knowledge, expertise, and skill for managers, auditors, and INFOSEC professionals.

At Mile2 we consider the C)ISSO to be one of our flagship courses. The things you learn in this course can be applied to management, prevention teams, and recovery professionals.

The C)ISSO is a part of these Role-Based Career Paths

Mile2 Certification Roadmap
Management Career roles200 Level 300 Level350 Level400 Level
Information Systems Security OfficerCSP

CSP - Certified Security Principles


CISSO - Certified Information Systems Security Officer


CISSM - Certified Information Systems Security Manager

IS20 Controls

IS20 - IS20 Controls

Healthcare Information Security PractinionerCSP

CSP - Certified Security Principles


CISSO - Certified Information Systems Security Officer


CISSM - Certified Information Systems Security Manager


CHISSP - Certified Healthcare Information Systems Security Practitioner

Risk ManagerCSP

CSP - Certified Security Principles


CISSO - Certified Information Systems Security Officer


CISSM - Certified Information Systems Security Manager


CISRM - Certified Healthcare Information Systems Security Practitioner

Key Course Information

Duration: 5 Days

Language: English

Class Formats:
*  Instructor-led

*  Self-Study

*  Live Virtual Training


*  1 year experience in 2 modules


*  1 year in IS Management

Applicable Exams:

*  Mile2 C)ISSO


CPEs:  40

Course Modules

  • Module 1 – Risk Management
  • Module 2 – Security Management
  • Module 3 – Identification and Authentication
  • Module 4 – Access Control
  • Module 5 – Security Models and Evaluation Criteria
  • Module 6 – Operations Security
  • Module 7 – Vulnerability Assessments
  • Module 8 – Symmetric Cryptography and Hashing
  • Module 9 – Network Connections
  • Module 10 – Network Protocols and Devices
  • Module 11 – Telephony, VPNs, and Wireless
  • Module 12 – Security Architecture and Attacks
  • Module 13 – Software Development Security
  • Module 14 – Database Security and System Development
  • Module 15 – Malware and Software Attacks
  • Module 16 – Business Continuity
  • Module 17– Disaster Recovery
  • Module 18 – Incident Management, Law, and Ethics
  • Module 19 – Physical Security

Who Should Attend?

* IS Security Officers
* IS Managers
* Risk Managers
* Auditors
* Information Systems Owners
* IS Control Assessors
* System Managers
* Government Employees

Upon Completion

Upon completion, Certified Information Systems Security Officer students will have a strong foundation in Cyber Security & IS management standards with current best practices and will be prepared to competently take the C)ISSO exam.

Re-Certification Requirements

All Mile2 certifications will be awarded a 3-year expiration date.

There are two requirements to maintain Mile2 certification:

1) Pass the most current version of the exam for your respective existing certification

2) Earn 20 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) per year. You may submit your CEUs in your Mile2 inbox. These CEUs must fall under “Qualify Continuing Educational Activities).

Visit our certification renewal page for more information.

Exam Information

The Certified Information Systems Security Officer, CISSO exam is taken online through Mile2’s Assessment and Certification System (“MACS”), which is accessible on your mile2.com account.

Purchase Options:

Individual Exam Cost – Click Here

Course exams are individually priced.
NOTE: You may purchase the exam without purchasing the course.

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Exam cost is not included with the purchase of a live class.

Ultimate Self-Study Combo Exam Cost – Included

The cost of the exam is included with the purchase of an Ultimate Self-Study Combo.

Course FAQ's

Do I have to purchase a course to buy a certification exam?

NO. You do not have to purchase a course to purchase a certification exam.

Do all Mile2 courses map to a role-based career path?

All of our courses can be taken independently. In order to help guide our students on their cybersecurity career journey we have developed the Mile2 Certification Roadmap. This helpful resource maps specific courses to Role-based career tracks.

What Mile2 Courses/Tracks are Available?

There are over 30 Mile2 courses and certifications. The courses follow Role-Based Career paths in the areas of Foundations, Management, Prevention, Recovery, and Auditing.

Please see our Certification Roadmap for full details.

What Self-Study courses are available?

All of our courses are available as Ultimate Self-Study Combos. The purchase of these courses gives you access to all training videos, materials, exam preps, exam simulators, 1 exam and 1 free 2nd chance exam. The only exception is Red Vs Blue as this course requires multiple participants and is available as a Live Class only.

Are Mile2 courses transferable/shareable?

You cannot transfer, share or give your self- study material to another person. The following is noted when you access your course material through your account. “Important Notice: By accessing the mile2® online course material, practice tests, exams, and related files, the student agrees to the following. I understand that my license to use mile2 electronic course materials is exclusively for my individual professional development. I will not transfer nor will I allow others to use the course materials or the test questions. I will not use any part of this material for teaching others nor will I incorporate it, nor allow it to be incorporated, in any other training materials or publications, electronic or print, without prior specific written consent of mile2®.”