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Mile2 develops cybersecurity certifications that meet the evolving needs of the Information Systems sector
Start your career in Cyber Security in Four Steps

Mile2 Cyber Security Career Paths

Cyber security professionals are among the most sought after specialists these days. Mile2 cyber security certifications help build solid foundation for rapid career growth in the infosec industry.

Do Research

Mile2 combines world-class infosec training with cost and time efficient certification process. That’s organizations like Canadian Department of National Defence, United States Counterintelligence Agency or United States Air Force choose us. Learn more >>>

Choose Career Path

Choose among basic awareness training, management, security, response&recovery or auditing career paths. Labs and elective courses can be customized to meet your unique needs or the needs of your organization. Learn more >>>

Get Trained

To prepare you to take the cybersecurity certification exams, we have developed online, self-study, and live courses designed to provide hands-on, up-to-date knowledge that is reliable, timely and relevant to your career goals. Learn more >>>

Get Certified

Our certifications are earned through our SCORM compliant exam system and our courseware and certifications are recognized and accredited by top government organizations. Learn more >>>

Attention Colleges and Universities


Mile2 is a leader in the implementation of our cybersecurity certification curriculum in regionally accredited universities, colleges, and global education institutions. We provide accredited curriculum towards associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degree programs. Our fully integrated LMS provides a turn key solution for access to learning materials, student assessment, labs and exams.

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All of our certifications are accredited by NICCS and the NSA CNSS 4011-4016, are role-based, and offered in several different career path areas

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