KNOW YOUR ENEMY: mile2 Empowers the US Military

mile2 is a globally respected IT Security Organization that focuses on security training for national and corporate entities who understand the value of “knowing your enemy.” By training businesses and organizations to think like an attacker, their intellectual property and data remains secure. mile2’s enduring goal is to establish and contribute to a universal benchmark standard for adoption by government, military and corporate organizations whose intellectual property and infrastructure assets are significant strategic targets for compromise by elements with malicious and criminal intent.

The only way for an organization to know the effectiveness of the security controls already in place is to think like an attacker


mile2’s penetration testing and instructional services have become the de facto standard for the US military, with dedicated classes being delivered to many branches of the military in Canada, the United States and Europe including the US and Royal Air Force, Marines, Army and other branches of the Armed Forces. mile2 has also taught personnel from the United Nations, NATO, as well as a large number of Fortune 500 companies from a wide spectrum ranging from charities, banking institutions, insurance and healthcare organizations, communications and transportation companies as well as state law enforcement agencies.

So what are the real dangers out there in relation to hacking/security/networks? “The only way for an organization to know the effectiveness of the security controls already in place is to think like an attacker, and be knowledgeable about, and skilled with, the cyber attack tools that are readily available to anyone,” XXXXXXX M.S. IA, CISSP Senior Information Systems Security Analyst, Federal Aviation Administration / MMAC. “This is not any different than securing a house or other structure. You must know all of the entry points in order to make sure those are secure. This is where the value of the mile2 penetration testing classes lie.”

As part of mile2’s innovative approach, they ensure that their customer’s IT team is knowledgeable about penetration testing. “Penetration Testing, also known as “Red Team[ing],” is a crucial part of the IA lifecycle because it employs hacker-like vulnerability assessments of an information system(s) to improve the readiness  and defensive capabilities of the operational information assets within the service being tested,” SSgt,  US  Air Force. mile2 instructors pointed out that, additionally, penetration testing helps provide a targeted understanding of the risks involved with a particular asset, and how to mitigate the risk in question.


mile2 customers benefit directly as a result of their staff receiving penetration testing training. “The mile2 CPT Engineer surpasses the level of training provided by other certifications similar to it, such  as Foundstone and CEH , due to extensive hands on training that you receive,” Technical Lead, Marine Corps Information Assurance Assessment Team (MCIAAT).

The Technical Lead went on to add that the CPT Engineer also teaches the methodology of how to perform an assessment from a penetration tester’s standpoint. “Being a former Marine Corps Data Chief and now a part of the Marine Corps Information Assurance Assessment Team, I think that these two certifications would take a vital role in the training of our IA workforce. As Sun Tzu stated, ‘Know your enemy.’”