Why mile2’s C)ISSO is PREFERRABLE to the ISC2’s CISSP

It’s note worthy to bring to light that the same international author, Kevin Henry, who wrote the official ISC2 CISSP, also wrote mile2’s official C)ISSO work book and exam. Initially, when the C)ISSO was developed, It was mile2’s intention to cover a foundational cyber security course in detail, much like the popular ISC2’s CISSP.

So it is important to know that both courses cover basically the same content with the exception that the C)ISSO focuses heavily on the Information Systems management modules (ex. how do I “do it”, when do I implement this control and so forth.) verses simply covering the subject matter in theory.

The C)ISSO course was designed for forward-thinking cyber security professionals that manage and or play a key role in an organization’s information security department. The C)ISSO addresses the broad range of industry best practices, knowledge and skills expected of a security leader. The C)ISSO candidate learns BOTH the theory and the requirements for practical implementation of core security concepts, practices, monitoring and compliance. With a risk-based approach, the CISSO is able to implement and maintain cost-effective security controls, that are closely aligned with not only business requirements but global industry standards.

How is mile2’s C)ISSO SIMILIAR from ISC2’s CISSP?

The C)ISSO covers all of the CISSP’s (8 Domains) 2020 exam objectives.

The C)ISSO has very similar exam questions that you would find on the CISSP exam.

How is mile2’s C)ISSO DIFFERENT to ISC2’s CISSP?

  • The C)ISSO breaks the in-depth curriculum from 8 modules, which is found in the CISSP course work book, to 19 modules. Mile2 took this instructional design approach because it has been proven that learning is increased when a subject is broken down into bite sizes rather than being served as an 80 lb. hamburger.


Mile2 does NOT require job related or practical experience to obtain the C)ISSO while ISC2 CISSP candidate, requires 5 years in a few domains in most cases. Because the course has NO hands on labs, mile2 felt that it’s futile to require hands on experience to achieve the C)ISSO designation.

  • EXAM: The CISSO is only a 2-hour exam covering 100 questions while the CISSP is a 4 hour exam entailing 200 questions. · Mile2’s CISSO exam is taken on-line through mile2.com’s MACS system ANYTIME & ANYWHERE while the CISSP is required to be scheduled at either an authorized ISC2 testing center or testing organization.
  • The C)ISSO has a higher passing percentage and is open book.
  • The C)ISSO’s exam fee is $500 verses $695 for the CISSP.
  • How does mile2 help you pass both the CISSO and CISSP exam?

Mile2 provides an updated CISSP exam prep video for each student that takes the C)ISSO course. The CISSP prep video by mile2 was also developed by Kevin Henry, author of ISC2’s CISSP course book, covers the 2015 CISSP Exam objectives. In addition, in the C)ISSO course kit, mile2 provides a CISSP prep guide booklet (called the C)ISSO+, A guide towards passing the CISSP) that prepares the student to pass the CISSP exam, should they desire to sit for it.